Askianos Restaurant

Our guests can “wine and dine” tasting local, traditional and international cuisine at our restaurant either to the terrace area of the hotel or by the sea next to the beach (snacks and beverages are also available).

Additionaly they can use their phone for restaurant reservations, order from the menu, access to activities, make special requests and order a room service that will be specially packaged and delivered directly to the door.

A great experience is awaiting!!!

When I look back on the past year, the things that stand out the most are the activities I’ve taken part in, the memories I’ve made through exciting experiences. If I try to recall the material goods that I’ve obtained, yes they were really great at the time, but looking at them they’ve already started devaluing to me.
So if your goal is to give a memorable gift that will have a longer appreciation period, ditch the box and ribbon and give an experience. The memories they’ll make will be well worth it compared to a material gift.
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Our vouchers have no expiration date and can be used at any time and with every experience service we offer, be it a takeaway, a deli purchase or a sit-down meal.

The Faedra Beach Hotel and the  Askianos Restaurant provides free sunbeds plus beach service and parking spot.

This amazing beach protected from the wind is like a shelter for the travelers, the fresh sea smell composes the Cretan flavors and the nice atmosphere.

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Cretan Diet

The idea of “health promotion,” according to the WHO’s 1986 Ottawa Charter, is a health strategy that aims to incorporate skills and community development and to create supportive environments for health. The theoretical framework for such a strategy stems from the development of the new “biopsychosocial” model for health and disease, which questions the dominance of the biomedical model, by putting emphasis on the role of the environment and of human behavior and on the biological, psychological and social dimensions of both positive and negative health. However, despite the commonly held assumption that such basic concepts are recent in origin, they actually have their roots in ancient civilizations, particularly in classical Greece. The ancient Greeks understood that good health was tied to physical and social environments as well as to human behavior. They defined health as a state of dynamic equilibrium between the internal and external environment. In addition, they considered the physical and social determinants of health, they empowered individuals and communities through new democratic and participatory institutions and placed emphasis on health education and skill development. They also recognized the importance of supportive environments and healthy public policy and reoriented medicine towards a more naturalistic and humanistic perspective.

The good health and longevity of the Cretan people is owned to the traditional Cretan diet. The Cretan diet is considered to be the most representative and qualitative example of the so-called Mediterranean diet. It is based on olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes grains and wine.

The products of the Cretan land are distinguished for their excellent quality and their consumption contributes to the prolonging of life and youth. The local specialties, the homemade dishes and the excellent wine have made the Cretan diet popular and the ideal model of Mediterranean diet.

The big “star” of the Cretan diet is the olive oil! The Cretan soil and climate favor the production of high quality olive oil. Plus, the Cretan people have a lot of experience in the cultivation of olive trees and in olive oil production. Besides, the production and consumption of olive oil is a Cretan tradition that goes back to the Minoan times.

The Cretan olive oil is considered to be one of the most beneficial olive oils the world, due to the climate conditions that prevail in the island, which are considered as the most ideal for the growth of the olive tree. It is not a coincidence that during the past years the larger percentage of the produced Cretan olive oil belongs to the “extra virgin” category, which is the top rating. Specifically, in 1980 only the 45% of the production was rated in this category while in the new millennium 95%of the produced Cretan olive oil was rated as “extra virgin”.

You can buy the original Cretan olive oil in one the many Agricultural Cooperatives of the island.
You can also find it in specialized stores or to contact the Association of the Olive Farming Municipalities of Crete.

Or just ask our reception desk for more information.

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