Easter in Agios Nikolaos

The season of Spring is the perfect timing since Easter in Agios Nikolaos is a very special and unique experience and a pole of attraction for many travelers from all over the world.

Check in to a beautifully decorated room on half-board basis, and spent your night at the hotel and enjoy a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine laughing away the hours and talking about all the great things you will do in Lassithi prefecture.

The climate, mild, dry and sweet, without steep weather transitions throughout the year, is considered one of Europe’s most healthy. You can see green everywhere even in winter (thanks to the endless fields of olive trees). Spring projects the blooming almond trees among the dense vegetation with its diffused intoxicating elegant aroma, laying thick carpets of sour grass, bright red poppies, white lilies and many more wild flowers, covering fields and mountainsides, decorating ancient ruins, above the lacy coasts of the Cretan sea with the crystal clear water.


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After a very good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast at Faedra Beach Resort you can set off to explore the town of Agios Nikolaos. The cafés and restaurants there are the centre of social life and the hustle and bustle of this amazingly charming town. Just take the bus or a taxi to Agios Nikolaos town and stroll around the town, have coffee at the Voulismeni Lake a glass of ouzo and meze contemplating the breathtaking view.

On this bright Easter, you shouldn’t miss the grand Easter Concerts and Parades. Philharmonic orchestras surge in the streets of the town centre playing Byzantine melodies.

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    Take advantage of the good weather to get away from the crowded town centre and visit the countless villages (Kalo Horio, Prina, Kalamafka, Limnes, Neapoli, Plaka, ect.) around Faedra Beach Hotel and join the pure orthodox functions and feel the unity under the Cretan tradition.



    There is also the Church of Profitis Ilias next to the hotel that participates to all this spiritual fest of the Holy week. Enjoy the hotel comfort and listen the devout Church bell tolls next to the sea…
    Discover the monasteries on the mountains– one of the best sites of Lassithi and places of truly unique beauty.

    Join the half board menu at Faedra Beach Resort that includes all the traditional Greek recipes of the holy week and a variety of sea food selections.


    At Holy Saturday midnight, you can attend the Resurrection Mass. The priests from all churches in town ascend the platform erected at the Lake. At the stroke of midnight, announcing Easter Day, “Christos Anesti” ( Christ is Risen) is sung by the choir of the priests while the people holding their candles sing along. And the fireworks set off! The town of Agios Nikolaos is then transformed into a stage of dancing and high spirits as the resurrection ceremony gets into full swing.


    It’s not worth hitting the clubs much before 1am and the serious stuff doesn’t take off until much later. Then the drinking, dancing and degenerate behaviour continues till dawn. New pubs and clubs come and go but there’s always a plentiful supply of Greek bars, rock bars, cocktail bars, Rakadika (a kind of traditional kafeneio and in most cases a combination of kafeneio and tavern), lounge bars, techno, RnB and whatever else you want from a wild night out.

    Greek Easter Cooking

    For the Greeks, Easter is regarded as the greatest celebration of the year. The festive pascal menu includes a wide variety of traditional foods such as magiritsa (Easter Midnight Soup), ovelias (seasoned lamb or goat on the skew), kokoretsi (seasoned lamb offal wrapped in chopped intestines), tsoureki (a kind of brioche-fluffy easter bread) and kalitsounia in Crete (easter cheese pies) and, of course, the easter eggs. They are mostly painted red on Holy Thursday and symbolise Christ’s blood. However, other colours can be used such as green, blue and yellow to symbolise springtime and the fertility of nature. During the Midnight Easter Supper and the Easter Lunch each person chooses an egg and taps the egg of another person with one’s own egg intending to break the other’s,. The one whose egg survives and remains intact is considered to be lucky.
    And these are only a few of the traditional Greek and Cretan dishes which compose the menu at the hotel on Easter Day lunch apart from kokoretsi and lamb.

    Kokoretsi is a meal that is traditionally made and served at Easter, along with Lamb. It is made from the internal organs of the lamb, arranged on a skewer and cooked over the hot coals along with the lamb on Easter Sunday.

    Spent your last day in Agios Nikolaos walking along the beach. and stroll around the town, have coffee at the Voulismeni Lake a glass of ouzo and meze contemplating the breathtaking view and return back home still filled with the enchanting aura of Crete.