Cleanliness Changes Over the next few months

The initiative is focused on developing the next level of global hospitality cleanliness standards, norms and behaviors that are designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for consumers and Faedra beach associates alike.

From Emergency to Wellness, your health is in good hands. We are Cooporating with Asklepieia and we offer the best health services to all guests. Enjoy your stay!

Enhanced Technology to Counter Virus Spread.

Faedra Beach hotel is rolling out enhanced technologies over the next few months, including hospital disinfectant sprayers to disinfect surfaces throughout the hotel. Sprayers can be used to clean and disinfect rooms, lobbies and other common areas. In addition, our hotel team is testing steam cleaning technology to disinfect keys for guests and devices shared by partners.

“Faedra Beach has a long tradition of emphasizing cleanliness in our care of guest rooms and in the public spaces of our hotel”

Faedra Beach portfolio will make additions to our cleaning regimen designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness.

Specific areas of focus include:

Surface Areas: In public spaces and guest rooms, the company has added to its already rigorous cleaning protocols, requiring that surfaces are thoroughly treated with hospital-grade disinfectants and that this cleaning is done with increased frequency. Faedra Beach will also be placing disinfecting wipes in each room for guests’ personal use.

Guest Contact: We will be using signage in the lobbies to remind guests to maintain social distancing protocols and removing or re-arranging furniture to allow more space for distancing.

In addition, guests can choose to use their phones to order, access to activities, make special requests and order room service that will be specially packaged and delivered right to the door without contact.

Food Safety: At Faedra Beach restaurants all food handlers and supervisors are trained on safe food preparation and service practices. Our establishment is also modifying its operational practices for in-room dining and designing new approaches to buffets. Faedra Beach’s food and beverage operations are required to conduct self-inspection using the company’s food safety standards as guidelines, and compliance is validated by independent audits.
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“Through the council and scientific advice of experts, we are taking a thoughtful approach to set an even higher bar of cleanliness and develop new guest interaction protocols”

According to the Greek law the guest is obligated and moves to an Authorized Hotel that accommodates all the infected visitors of each area.
If a visitor meets the COVID-19 case definition criteria, the Hotel applies the following :
The health manager of the hotel contacts IMMEDIATELY with EODY at 210 5212054 or the specialist four-digit number 1135 (24 hours a day), for reporting the suspected case and instructions for dealing with it.
The patient is advised to stay in his room with the room door closed.
In a patient who presents with symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose), immediately simple surgical mask and tissues.
If there is a patient’s companion who wishes to stay close to him / her to care for him / her (e.g. spouse), the attendant should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash his hands whenever comes into contact with the patient’s secretions (e.g. saliva) and definitely before the attendant touches his face or eat or drink.
Staff are instructed to avoid entering the patient’s room if not present
important reason. If necessary, a hotel staff member is advised to be involved exclusively with any suspicious case. This reduces the number of members exposed to the infectious agent.
Used protective equipment (simple surgical mask, gloves) should be discarded in bucket and in no case be reused.
It is emphasized that the use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means prevention.
Cleaning and disinfection of a patient room
Good cleaning of surfaces that the patient often touches is required, such as knobs, toilet surfaces, etc., especially if the surfaces are soiled with biological fluids.
Cleaning staff is advised to use a simple surgical mask, gloves and a disposable waterproof robe. For as long as they work, the cleaning staff must not touch their mouth, nose or eyes with their hands, smoke or eat.
After removing the gloves, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It is emphasized that the use of gloves is not a substitute for hand washing, which is the most important means of prevention.
Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) should be cleaned with a steam device (temperature> 70 °).