Walking Paths and Cultural Heritage


Making a decision on how to spend our vacation is an important one. So why should we choose wellbeing travel or tours in the first place? Good question!
Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you?
I want to travel with like-minded people.
I want to learn more about myself and my possibilities.
I’d love to travel, give something back, and be in service.
I wish to connect with other cultures and spiritual traditions.
I’m going through major life changes and could use clarity.
I have stress in my life and need to rest and be pampered.
I want to have Cretan experiences
I’ve read about.
I have heard so many things about Crete and I want to find out more.

We are looking forward to see you in Crete!

Travelling on foot also offers the opportunity to spend sufficient time at any given place, explore the local culture and reach inaccessible spots.
Walking tours at Agios Nikolaos Coastline is a great window into the colossal mountains, herb vegetation and ecological wonders while the forest trails of Katharo plateu are equally resplendent.
The area of Kato Mirabello centered around Agios Nikolaos, includes Elounda, Kalo Khorio, Kritsa and has the largest hotels of Lasithi Provence.

It is strategically positioned on the road network of Crete and it is an ideal starting point for daily excursions all around the island, by bus, by car or by motorbike.

But without a doubt the most beautiful tour will be the one on foot or by bike!

We want to include regarding of the Virtual assistant support in our Ecological and Gastronomical hike event and the Fam Trips.

Please check below our trip program:

5 Days Fully Virtual Assistance Ecological & Gastronomical Trip

7 Days Fully Virtual Assistance Nature & Active Holiday

10 Days Fully Virtual Assistance Crete Well being Experience

14 Days Fully Virtual Assistance Nature & Active Holiday

Not to miss all this possibilities, you have to hurry as the groups are not with many people so as to be more privacy .

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    The climate, mild, dry and sweet, without steep weather transitions throughout the year, is considered one of Europe’s most healthy. You can see green everywhere even in winter (thanks to the endless fields of olive trees). Spring projects the blooming almond trees among the dense vegetation with its diffused intoxicating elegant aroma, laying thick carpets of sour grass, bright red poppies, white lilies and many more wild flowers, covering fields and mountainsides, decorating ancient ruins, above the lacy coasts of the Cretan sea with the crystal clear water.

    We provide the #mycreteguide navigation system so as to discover the most breathtaking nearby routes!

    All the routes that we propose start and finish at urban centres or highways, making it easier to have access to food, transportation, phone and first aid. On the last page you will find emergency phone numbers and information of natural and archaeological interest.

    All you need is to fill a reservation form with your dates and select the dates for your Family Trip that you’d like to attend.

    After filling out the application, please don’t hesitate to contact for any further details at faedrabeach@yahoo.com so we can get back to you in due course.

    In addition you can choose to use your phone for restaurant bookings, order from the menu, access to activities, make special requests and order a room service that will be specially packaged and delivered directly to the door.

    Skip the store with our Virtual assistants!

    Call our On-demand assistance for anything that arises.

    Every Faedra Beach section has a community team, with community managers who act as concierges. Whether it’s supplying you with toiletries in a time of need, or offering restaurant menu suggestions, a community manager is there to help.

    There are 17 routes that we suggest, all o them have been designed so that you can reach easily and with safety the small paradises that are located far away from the busy roads, enjoying the view from the best spots, meeting on your way old chapels, archaeological sights and some of the most picturesque villages that are hidden all over the area of Kato Mirabello!

    So get up and let’s hike! Or rent a mountain bike!
    You will need nothing more than a pair of hiking shoes, a hat and a pair of sunglasses for the bright Cretan sun, a camera to capture all these unique moments and a water canteen to quench your thirst while you hike between the water springs and the villages.
    Wherever you encounter a fenced-in field, just open the door and pass through but please close it again.

    Also in all of our hiking routes we have an application for easy navigation.We will additionally send you an information leaflet with many information about the cultural heritage, the next destination, the duration in hours (for hiking) or the kilometres (for bike riding) until the next station.


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      Ammoudara – Listi Spilios – Mikro Vathy – Agios Syllas – Kato Goules – Karavostasi – Istron


      (1)  Ammoudara – Organized beach, telephone, bus stop, restaurants

      (2)  Listi Spilios – During an era of pirates and robbers, the small natural cave was used as a den for raiding and robbing passengers using an ancient road

      In fact, the whole route is identical with a medieval road known as “Kalderimi” which was a continuation of an ancient path that connects the archaeological sites of Gournia , Vrokastro, the neolithical settlement of Almyros and Lato

      (6)  Karavostasi – Natural cove at the southwest part of the Merambello bay, used as a supply spot by the rebels during the Turkish occupation

      (7)  Istron – Touristic area with hotels built along beautiful coves

      Vrokastro – Geometrical era archaeological settlement of great importance, built atop of a rocky hill

      At the beach of Kalo Khorio can be found antiquities of Minoan and Mycenaean era.