Gorge of Sarakina

October 15, 2013 at 6:52 pm

To the west of Ierapetra at a distance of 20 kilometres, lies the picturesque village Mythi. The gorge of Sarakina begins at a short distance from the village, which is alternatively called Sarantapichos by the locals. According to the myth, Sarantapichos (a giant, son of Zeus) was crossing the mountain when he got thirsty. So, he leaned to the river to quench his thirst. As a result, his long beard tore the mountain in two, thus the gorge was born. The vegetation in the gorge is lush, with great populations of birds and gurgling waters flowing from springs. The most part of the gorge is passable with waters, ponds ans scrambles. It is ideal for a pleasant afternoon or for a tour with your children. The crossing of the gorge takes about an hour.